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La Fiesta

La Fiesta Club

Café & Latin club
Prievozská 18
821 09  Bratislava 


Getting to Bratislava

About Bratislava


Bratislava is a small historical city, but largest in Slovakia and the youngest European metropolis. Before or after workshops visitors can enjoy the shopping, dining and natural wonders Bratislava has to offer as a reemerging sparkler of history, culture, business and recreation.

The beautiful Old Town with all historical sights and shops is just about 20 mins by bus / trolleybus from the Venue.
Either by road, or by air, or even on the Danube River, Bratislava is flooded by more and more tourists, businessmen, investors who are attracted by secrets of an old and unknown town as well as by its lively atmosphere. Having 8 universities and 60 000 students, Bratislava is a city of young people. The proof of it can be found in the renovated city centre at evenings. There are many pubs, stylish coffee houses,
restaurants, clubs and bars.

If you travel via Vienna, you can have the best from both cities. Bratislava and Vienna are among the closest capitals in the world - a mere 64 km (40 miles) apart connected by Danube river, roads and train.

Find useful tips, where to go, sightseeing, bars, restaurants etc here: www.visit.bratislava.sk/EN

Transport in Bratislava


Fares in Bratislava


How to get to Bratislava

By car

Easy and economic way for a group of people to travel to Bratislava. Parking is available at the most hotels and there is also parking space in front of the Venue.

From all surrounding countries you can take following motorways:

By bus

There is an excellent coach transportation network maintained by Eurolines or Eurobus, which also covers Bratislava, so if you enjoy traveling by coach, you can reach Bratislava easily. The connection is convenient, when traveling from Vienna and Prague, or from Vienna Airport.


By train

You arrive to the Main Station (in Slovak - Hlavna stanica, abbreviated as Bratislava – hl.st.)

By plane

The Bratislava Airport, named after General Milan Rastislav Stefanik, is a 15 minutes drive to the west from the city center. The D1 motorway
connects the airport with Bratislava.